All GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb Stopped Working at the Same Time

I’m running SmartThings v1 Hub and have been using the GE Link Smart LED Light Bulbs (A19) with no issues for the past 6 months. Suddenly last night all of them turned on at 100% and won’t turn off or respond to refreshes from the app.

The app says they are being turned on and off (takes significant time) and the bulbs are un-responsive. Anybody else having this issue?

Sounded like you have a power surge that’s why they are at 100%. Maybe power cycle the bulbs and hopefully they will get back online otherwise you will have to reset them and add them back.

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I don’t know what happened. I ended up deleting the the lights from the hub, cycling them (turn off, 10 sec later on), then via the mobile app “more > hub > z-wave utilities > repair zwave network” to repair the network. After that I searched and found each one and adding them back and name them. I did have to re-add them to an automation but minor issue compared to the cost of purchasing new hardware.

Usually you don’t have to delete the bulbs from the hub. Just reset the bulbs and add them back. This way, you will get the bulbs back without redoing all the smartapps associated with them previously.
Doing a z-wave repair won’t do any good in your case since the bulbs are zigbee. I know the bulbs are reasonable in price but you will find they drop off the network often and frustrating sometime.