All GE Link Bulbs (18) Stopped Working - SOLVED

I have quite a lot of devices in my home connected to ST. Part of that system is 18 GE Link 90W bulbs. After a lightning storm where the power flickered a couple times, all of me GE Link bulbs stopped working. As far as I can tell, that is the only device that stopped working. All my wall switches work, my garage door opener, garage door tilt sensor, etc. all work. Only my GE Link lights, and every one of them have stopped working. All my Phillips Hue lights still work (not set up through ST) and my LIFX bulb works. Only the link bulbs seem affected.

I have tried a few things over the last week, but cannot get any response from the lights. Before trying anything, I turned off the power to my router, switches, ST hub, mobile devices, apps, etc. and rebooted everything.

I added the new My GE Link bulb device type and associated it with a couple lights. I tried renaming the light. I tried to remove the light and re-add it. Nothing has worked. I have left the find new devices “searching” for an hour, and nothing found. Turn the lights on and off while searching. Turn on and off and then start searching, etc. No light ever turns on and off like it is being found and nothing ever shows up in the app.

Probably a bit frustrated, but I have spent more time with ST than it really feels like it is worth, but I always had such a large set up (and $ invested) that I put up with it…but this is really giving me second thoughts. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Very frustrating!

Because they use a “blink” protocol for factory reset, it is possible, although unusual, for GE link bulbs to get reset to factory during situations where power fluctuates on and off.

Since this is now on the official “works with SmartThings” list, I would just go straight to and let them work through it with you. They’ll be able to see some additional information from their side that may pinpoint the problem.

While you’re waiting, you could try the following as a diagnostic:

  1. reset just one GE link bulb to factory settings using the blink method.
  1. now try discovering that one bulb from your Hue Bridge.

  2. if it joins the Hue bridge, see if it is controllable from the native Hue app.

  3. you can then use the blink method to reset it again in preparation for ST

If it is discovered by the Hue Bridge and is controllable there, at least you know the bulb isn’t fried.

Yeah, agree with @JDRoberts and try it with the Hue bridge just to be sure. Last thing you want is spending hours just to find out bad bulbs.
Also, to be sure you have a good reset. On 3 seconds, off 3 seconds until you see the bulb goes dim. 3 seconds is long enough to see the bulb dimming.

And once they’re on the hue bridge, leave them there. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestions, things are getting better.

I am able to factory reset the lights and then have ST discover them. On a (very) positive side, the lights are discovered as they were before they stopped working. So except for the couple lights I deleted as part of the initial testing, I do not have to set up all my scenes again.

When ST discovers one of the lights, it blinks a couple times, but nothing shows up in the find new devices screen. The circle just keeps spinning. However, if I go back and then find the light in my devices, the old icon is working again. I was able to test a couple motion sensors, and they seemed to turn the lights on as they were initially set up. So this is great and a large time saver!

Many of the lights have actions based upon time, so I cannot completely test and I only did the 7 or so lights close to the ST hub. I have to move the hub around the house now and test everything. I will post again if there are issues.

Thank you all for the help.

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