Automations are disappearing randomly!

every month or two, some of my automations are just GONE! today 2 just disappeared, and i haven’t opened the app in weeks.

literally my ‘good morning’ automation just randomly disappeared, and another one as well. this is the 4th time this has happened – a few weeks ago two others were gone. i have done absolutely nothing in the app, changed nothing, added or removed nothing for weeks and they just keep disappearing.

i have to re-add them, then a few weeks later, more just POOF dissapear.

this is absolutely RIDICULOUS. the new app is complete and utter GARBAGE.

support is completely clueless.

does anyone have any insight into this?


Did you remove (or lose) a device in the automation that disappeared? If a device in the automation goes away, there were reports the whole automation disappears.

nope! nothing! the good morning automation just calls the good morning scene, which just sets the mode to home from night. no devices or anything! stuff just POOF! disappears!

the new app is GARBAGE.