Um... what happened to my automations? (Outage 14 Jan 2021)

So, I can no longer see my automations in the app and I cannot edit them, but they “mostly” continue to run. I do have one, my fountain, that stopped working for some reason. I opened the app, all new – don’t recognize anything – and there are NO animations anywhere, but everything except the fountain are still working. How do I edit?

There’s a partial outage right now and others, myself included, have had our apps reset all of our layouts .

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I got a lot of weirdness. Nothing responding in application.

More than half my devices are gone most stopped reporting at 2:17. Glad others are having issues as well. I will ignore for now.

Automations appear to be working again but my app is still useless. Cannot talk to devices.

all my devices are missing from ST

My automations are missing now too. I have about 20. They continue to run, but they’re just not there to edit.

Edit. They are back now.