All 3 switches in sync?

I three sets of under Cabinet light switches for the same room. It is kind of annoying to walk around to set each on a certain dimmer setting and not all of them are exact. I was wondering if I turn on one under Cabinet switch or set it at a certain level the other switches match that exact switch. Or if I go to another switch they all stay in sync at the same level?

Any ideas or thoughts?

What exactly are you using? Light strips? Physical switch or virtual?

They are 3 GE Zwave dimmer switches

I use and app called “The Big Switch” It turns on/off my sink light and a spot light when I turn on/off my kitchen light switch.

There are a number of different smart apps that can do this. “Dim and dimmer” was one of the first ones, but the newer “trendsetter” is also very popular.

You can find both of these and more by using the quick browse list for lighting in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

These are all smartapps created by the community, so typically someone creates one with exactly the features they want for themselves and then shares it, so the features will vary a bit.

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Put all 3 in a group in Alexa. Alexa set counter lights to x%.

You can also group the lights in Smartlighting Use 1 as the control switch and the other 2 as slaves. If you did this 3 times using a different one as the control switch it would work regardless of which dimmer you touched they would all follow.

Which lights do you want to control? counter 2 counter 3
what do you want to do ? Turn on and set level
Select trigger Counter 1

lather rinse repeat

I’ll admit I have only done this with switches and not dimmers, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work the same. Although there would be a little delay .

If you group them in smart lighting they will follow for on/off, but they won’t follow when you just dim one. That’s why people use trendsetter and similar smart apps instead.

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