Linking control for multiple LED lights

I am renovating my kitchen and plan to use multi-colored LED strips for under the cabinets and multi-colored LED bulbs for over the island.

For under the cabinets I plan on using the following controller and LED strip.

I haven’t decided on the two bulbs for above the island yet.

My question is, will I be able to control the dim and color of both the strips and bulbs at the same time using the SmartThings app?

Same time? No. Close to it. Potentially. Right now ST doesn’t have scenes so it will have to relay each command to dim or set color to each device from cloud to hub to device. So there will be lag.

However, it is possible. How do you plan to control this though? Physical switch, UI in mobile app?

Thanks for the reply and sorry I wasn’t more clear.

I will be looking to control these via the mobile app.

What I’m looking for is a single slider or color picker within the app that will send commands to both the strip and bulbs.

Yeah, not easy to set up unfortunately, but can be done. Several examples exist out there…

You will need a smartapp to subscribe to the devices you want to control.

That smartapp will need to spawn a child app “virtual device” that has the single control for you to set all lights.

I have the same set up and have the same need. Unfortunately, the smart app out there that I think @twack wrote that syncs dimmers does not dim Fibaro let alone coordinate colors.

@pstuart Good to know, thanks.

I write code for a living so whipping up a SmartApp to do this shouldn’t be a problem for me.

@beckwith I’ll be glad to share the finished SmartApp when I’m complete.

Since you have the same setup, would you be able to tell me exactly what you purchased to get everything working?

Looks like I got the same as you except RGBW. I have ten Fibaro RGBW controllers and sized transformers based on length of strip. I built three custom light fixtures using white LED. I still have other things I would like to do with this controller such as a dimmer panel, sound synch and local switch. It is such a powerful controller and the existing device type just scratches the surface.

@beckwith What, if any, LED bulbs are you using?

I have the Fibaro only drive LED strips. I have TPC and GE Link bulbs and am trying to get an Aeon RGBW Z-Wave bulb paired. I returned Hue a while ago because my wife didn’t like the color tone. Other than that I have many dumb white LEDs controlled by other smart switches.

I’ve been searching for how I can link multiple Fibaro controllers together in Smart Things and found this post from 2015.
Do you know if there has been a smart app developed?
Thanks in advance