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Alexa works but she thinks she doesn't (November 2017)


(João Cautela) #21

Done that and still no luck.

Thanks for the information

(Chris Nelson) #22

Have the same issue. Think we may have to wait for them to sort this out on their side.

(Stephen Hill) #23

I was in contact with support last night via live chat and they seemed to suggest that everything was working ok on their (Samsung’s) side, and the fault was with Amazon.

They also suggested that nobody had been in touch with any Alexa problems…

(Kalel) #24

Hi Hilly_2015… I know that at least one ticket was open with them about the Alexa problem… mine! (And, I have a ticket number.) So, I’m not sure why they are saying no one has contacted them about this. But, we need everyone who has this issue open up a ticket. (And, as I mentioned in a prior post, I actually provided the support people a link to this thread. Hope they read through it.) -Kal

(Scott Alphonso) #25

I also opened a ticket with them.


and me…


I too am having the same issue using Alexa to control my Logitech Harmony Remote via Smartthings. I have got Alexa to turn on the TV but I get Alexa saying “hum I am having trouble reaching smartthings”. I can also turn off the TV successfully but get the same reply from Alexa “hum I am having trouble reaching smartthings”. I have noticed that Amazon have updated the Alexa app (ios 2.2.364.1). The device version for my echo is 591448720. The Smart Home section of the app has had a dramatic redesign. Reading the update notes Amazon have performed a number of updates to the Smart Home section. I am sure the Amazon Alexa Cloud service that runs the Smart Home has also had a software update to go inline with the updated app. After the update I have noticed that the harmony settings in Alexa are now under the Scenes section. Rather than been under the Devices section. I think this is where the problem is. Smartthings and Amazon need to work together so Harmony Devices are seen as Devices rather than scenes.


opened a ticket.

(Michael Hussey) #29

I have also just opened a ticket


Opened a ticket.


Guessing this might be related…

With the latest release of Amazon’s new Alexa API, some users may experience an issue with executing Routines. We are actively investigating with Amazon and will post updates here. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Nov 5, 17:33 EST

(Kalel) #32

Yes, sdbg, I just received SmartThings’s announcement too and was thinking the same thing! (Thanks for posting it, btw.) All it takes is getting enough people to officially report an issue to get that issue officially looked at. Thanks to everyone who opened a trouble ticket. Now… it’s in SmartThings’ and Amazon’s corner to figure out a solution. And I hope they do. In the meantime, I had to activate Alexa’s Harmony skill and transfer the harmony activities to run from that skill instead of through SmartThings. For some reason, running the harmony activities through SmartThings has always been faster than through Harmony itself, when called up by Alexa. Go figure! By the way, if new people with the same issue are reading this, you might also want to open a trouble ticket as well. --Kal

(Ron Talley) #33

Got hit with this bug. All hell broke loose today. Harmony went haywire and basically Alexa “was” dead in my house. I took the opportunity to clean up a bunch of offline devices but she stop discovering new devices at around 140 devices. I have 13 Harmony Activities that will just not register but at least I got access to most of my switches now.

WAF went WAY down today. Sad day indeed for Talley’s Super Duper Home Automation Project. Everyone got so used to Alexa doing it all and even I struggled to complete basic task…



LOL this is what happens when we rely on Technology. It’s my career but it doesn’t mean that it’s right. We keep thinking that this planet is “improving” technology, but who said we should have been doing it in the first place. Living off the land wasn’t good enough for the human race. We think we are so intelligent by thinking we are making advances. Just like modern medicine and drugs and everything we have. Who said we thought it was a good thing that we save so many more lives versus natural selection on Earth keeping a natural order of things versus us thinking what we are actually doing is a great thing on this planet

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(Gen) #35

Same problem will open a ticket… :-1:t2:

(sapstar) #36

I am having to go through Ask Alexa for everything now. Smartthings integration with Alexa not working :frowning:.

(sapstar) #37

Smartthings is currently investigating the issue.


Thanks, subscribed to updates.


I’m having the same issue…I subscribed to the updates as well…hopefully it will get resolved very soon.


Speaking as one of those people who would’ve been dead in the good old days, I’ll take technology, thank you. :wink: