Alexa will not discover Smarthings plug

I just added a Smarthings Hub to my HA system. I have a Hue bridge emulator running on a PC server which controls a number of older X10 devices.

The ST hub picked up all those devices flawlessly, plus one iHome smartplug.

I’ve added a ST smart plug and the ST hub picked that up and works.

I’ve gone through the steps to add the Smartthings skill to Alexa, and Alexa has discovered all devices…except the ST smartplug. Smartthings reports “Linked” in Alexa.

I’m really at a loss. I’m thinking, perhaps I may need to uninstall the Alexa app and try and start over, but am reluctant to go further down the rabbit hole if not necessary.

Any guidance to this new ST user is greatly appreciated!

With all of the recent internet issues I would say have alexa discover your devices again (Use the phone app and discover or say Alexa, discover my devices) and see if the plug is discovered. If not wait a while and try again.

As I’m new to ST, I don’t really understand the intricacies of the ST Hub operation. when you refer to “Internet issues,” does this mean that the hub is connecting to a “cloud” service? My internet - internal and external, is not exhibiting any abnormal behaviors.

Just not sure what is meant by “internet issues.”

And one other question: the ST plug is registered in the Smarthings app. When I put Alexa into discover mode, do I need to push the button on the ST plug to place it in pairing mode?

I appreciate your input!

  1. No don’t push the button again. If the plug is visible and works through ST then you are ok.

  2. Over the last few weeks there have been intermittent issues with ST specifically. The Alexa to ST communication is through the internet. The Alexa aka Amazon cloud talks to the SmartThings cloud to perform the actions.

Also to note in a broader sense of the manner there have been some other weirdness in general with the internet with other sites/providers experiencing issues as well that are not related to ST in any way shape or form. However those “unrelated” issues could be causing side effects on other sites, such as overall congestion across major links causing slowness or time outs that will have an effect on sites/services that are hard to pin down.

Thank you very much…I’ll get some sleep and apply some patience! :slight_smile:

Have a good night and maybe things will resolve themselves.

Did you check that the plug device is authorized in the Amazon Alexa smartapp?

I had some great help from Smartthings tech support today. I had mixed up Samsung and Smartthings accounts and had some issues with the Hue bridge. All that is cleared up now, and Alexa has discovered the ST plug. Everything is working…Hooray! :slight_smile:

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