Change thermostat mode with Alexa (heat, cool, auto, emergency heat)


I have Zwave thermostat (Honeywell) and I’m trying to find a way to change the mode (heat, cool, auto, emergency heat) with Alexa … A virtual thermostat switch ? I didn’t find one that works …


It gets a bit more complicated than just a virtual switch. SmartThings does not expose some of the custom features of thermostat to Alexa. Mostly just the setpoints. To use a virtual switch you would then have to tie the on/off of that switch via something like WebCore to the Thermostat’s heating/cooling API.

I am the author of Ask Alexa, and I know this sounds like a ‘plug’, but my app does exactly what you are looking for. You can set the heating and cooling parameters, along with setpoints and get the status of the thermostat. The installation is NOT easy, but literally thousands of people have done it using the instructions here:

Give it a try if you’d like to see if it works for you.

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Might want to check out IFTTT. You can set up Alexa to recognize any expression you want. You can then send a WebHook to ST and through WebCore set the wifi to the mode that you want.

I’ve found a workaround with Stringify.

  1. Create a virtual switch e.g. AC
  2. In Stringify you can control the thermostast (off, heat, cool, auto … but not emergency heat) . I’ve linked the virtual switch to the thermostat in a Stringify flow.