Alexa+ST: Not discovering any devices

(Jon) #1

I have an ST hub with 12 Sengled Element Classic installed. The bulbs work fine in the ST app, individually and in scenes. But when I try to get Alexa to discover the bulbs, it doesn’t find anything. I have the ST skill enabled in the Alexa app and Alexa is authorized in the ST app. But when I run device discovery in Alexa, it doesn’t find anything. When I look at the Device authorization under Amazon Alexa in the ST app, i don’t see any lights/bulbs shown. Is that normal? All I see is Switches, Thermostats, Heaters, and Locks, all greyed out/none available. I previously had a Philibs Hue and it integrated fine (have since disconnected it and deleted the skill). Any clue what the issue might be?

(Tony Fleisher) #2

The lights should be available under switches section in the Alexa smart app

(Jon) #3

I may have fixed it. Deleted the hub from my app, deleted both locations (for some reason I ended up with my home location twice, which may have been confusing things), reregistered the hub, readded the home location, and readded the devices and this time when I added in the alexa skill it found the bulbs under the switches. Not sure why, but I’m not complaining!