Smartthings Devices don't show on Google Home

(David) #1

I just bought a Google Home and I’m trying to link my Smartthings devices. When I go to Authorize Smartthings from within the Google Home app, there are no devices listed. I select “Home” from the drop down menu, which should then populate the list of smart things devices I would like GH to control (at least according to all the videos and tutorials I have seen), however nothing is displayed below. It just gives me the option to authorize / deny. If I authorize it says that Smartthings is linked, but there are no devices displayed. I’m trying to connect two different in-wall Z-wave switches. Any clue, what I’m doing wrong? I also Have an Echo which I paired with no issues at all. I’d like to be able control these switches and future switches with my voice.

(Steve Jackson) #3

Sounds like your doing it right. I just checked and mine is working as described. Do you have a The Google Assistant listed in your smartapps? I set mine up in December so I don’t remember the steps now but I am thinking you may not have that smartapp. It’s the only thing I could think of.

(David) #4

I don’t have Google Assistant listed in my smart apps. I do have Alexa listed there though. I don’t know how to add it. I guess my understanding was once you authorized it, it would show up there. Not sure what is happening!! I’m about to just mail it back and use Alexa.

(Steve Jackson) #5

Go into market place, smart apps, voice control, and see if the Google Home app is there to install. I see it in the market place. I really do apologize but I really can’t remember all the steps I did. Check for the app and we will go from there.