Harmony Virtual Switches - Problems with Alexa Discovery

Firstly, I apologize for starting another thread on this but I’ve just spent 30 minutes reading a ton of existing threads and I still can’t find my answer. And I couldn’t figure out what was current/the best thread to add to.

I have two Harmony Hubs all set up and working great with SmartThings and Alexa via the Harmony Skill (for just one hub). I have all my Harmony activities showing in SmartThings and I can turn them on and off in ST just fine. I am now experimenting with getting those activities in to Alexa as SmartThing devices so I can at least turn them all on and off via Alexa/SmartThings (as oppose to using the Skill which is restricted to one hub, albeit with more control options).

I have added the SmartThings activity switches to the Alexa SmartApp but when I run discovery on Alexa it is not finding them? What am I missing?

Look in the scenes tab in your Alexa app… anything showing there?

Well gosh, I did not think to look there. They are there (along with what looks like all the ‘commands’ relating to the actual Harmony Skill as well).

Many thanks.