Alexa set Color and Whites behaves differently?


I am having a little issue changing my bulb settings with Alexa. When I request a change of bulb color with “Alexa set bulb to red” it generates an event changing the color setting, but if I request a change of white with “Alexa set bulb to daylight” I receive 2 events, first it turns the bulb ON and then it applies the shade change.

Is this a known issue/behavior? is there a workaround to avoid turning the bulb on when changing whites?


PS: I am using LIFX bulbs controlled by a Custom SmartApp subscribed to a Custom Smartthings device handler receiving commands from Alexa. This might sound complicated, but it is part of a larger interactions infrastructure that works perfectly. I just detected the problem about this extra instruction generated by Alexa only in case of changing the bulb white color.