Default Lifx to white (rule machine)

Is there a way to make a lifx bulb default to white when turned on? Right now if it is turned off when it is green, blu, red, etc… That is the color it comes back on at. Can I use rule machine to make it come back on white every time?

You could use Rule Machine for this, yes.

Create a rule that says if Bulb 1 is turned on, set color to white. You can use this to control the color, color temperature, and brightness.
It should come on at the color it was but immediately switch to the white you choose (it will be half a second or less before the color change happens in my experience with other bulbs).

This will not work because I have IFTTT rules to set it to a certain color with a text message. For instance when I wanted to turn on blue I text “#blue”. If I use your suggestion it’ll be blue for a second and then turn white. I want to keep all of my IFT TT color rules…

You can also look @ IFTTT with LIFX (No Smartthings Needed). I’m using IFFF’s sunrise/sunset to do a circadian light(cold white/medium white). When the bulbs come on they are already set to the color I want.

I would like it to always default to white when turned on unless I specifically tell it to turn on at a color. Four instance if I tell Alexa to turn my lifx bulb on, I want to be white.

Maybe virtual switches can pull it off. Use rulemachine or smartlighting to set the lifx bulb to on and white when the virtual switch is on. Then only give Alexa access to the virtual switches.