Changing color of Lifx bulbs with Amazon echo

I know that I can ask Alexa to turn on and off bulbs and adjust brightness.

How about color changing ?

Once I pair my Lifx bulbs, my Wemo led strips and my Amazon echo to smartthings, Does anyone know if I can ask Alexa to change the color of my Lifx bulbs and my Wemo LEDs strips?

I am not aware of a way to do it directly but you can use IFTTT or create a virtual switch which is linked to a routine which sets the light color. This is how I manage the color of my lights. I use Rule Machine linked to a virtual switch. Alexe can turn the switch off and on which causes the Rule to run.

So what exactly do you say to echo? To turn your lights red for instance? Is it natural sounding?

The ‘keyword’ for IFTTT is “Trigger”. So you would say something like “Alexa, Trigger the Table Lamp to Purple”. The part after “Alexa, Trigger” can be anything you want it to be. Set it up and if you don’t like the way it integrates just disconnect it.

I am aware of the IFT TT trigger options for Alexa I use them currently for color changing but I’m wondering how you use your rule machine for Alexa with your voice commands through smart things. What do your smart things voice commands sound like for color changing?

I’m not sure if I am following your question, so I’ll try to answer it the best I can.

The voice commands for integrating Rule Machine and Alexa are the same commands you would normally use with SmartThings. So if I had a Rule to make my lamp Red I would create a virtual switch in ST, create a Rule that changes my lamp color when the virtual switch or button is pressed. I would then say “Alexa, turn on SWITCH NAME” or “SWITCH NAME On”. You can do this for any Rule. With this you can control Routines, Lights, Modes, etc.

“Alexa, Turn on RED MODE"

There is also an official LiFX Alexa skill that will allow you to change the light colors.

OK so I’m very new to smart things. I’ve created a virtual switch and I can see it in my SmartThings app. I want to create or borrow a smart app that will allow me to change the color of my Lifx bulbs With Amazon echo commands. I created a GitHub account. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to copy and paste other people’s smart apps into my own page. Can someone please give me detailed instructions for a new person to get a rule machine into my SmartThings app please so that I can link it to a virtual switch.

I just got my SmartThings hub yesterday and I’m brand-new to the whole arena. I don’t know much about GitHub. Thank you for your patience with me.

I’ve thoroughly read the forums and I can see links to peoples smart apps and get hub but I don’t know how to make them in my own set up. I’m using an iPad Air 2.

I’ve enabled that skill but so far I haven’t been able to get it to work,

Might be a bit confusing, there are now two LIFX skills. One called LIFX Optimized for Smart Home that enables the built-in turn on, turn off, dim, etc. commands. The other is just called LIFX and lets you do things like “Ask LIFX to turn the overhead light red”.

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