Alexa refresh returns with a vengeance!

What is going on? First it was doing this with just my Zwave devices every 20 min. That stopped now it’s just my zigbee bulbs every 5 min and two at the same time as you can see from the picture. No new Alexa Devices.

Send a ticket to support. I opened mine on 11/11. Pending solution.

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Interesting thing. I turned off allow access to all devices and just selected devices I would use with Alexa. I did not deselect the ZigBee devices that were getting the constant refreshes. However it stopped when I did that.

ST Support suggested me to disable Alexa access on the device too. But I found in-between that using “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” DTH code available from ST and creating a DTH with it,
Then I adding the bulb again from the app, it got back in the Device but using this DTH code, not the “OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W” that was used previously. And since, I didn’t lose my bulb for more than 20hs while I still see the refresh commands from Alexa.

I’ll keep an eye on it…