Alexa now supports native color changes?


(Matthew Freestone) #1

I got this in my Alexa email today;

Red light, green light
Now you can change the color and the color temperature of your lights without lifting a finger. Set the mood with Alexa enabled brands like Philips, LIFX, and TP-Link to wind down, power up, or get weird. Learn more. Just ask:
For a limited time, Prime members can get 20% off a TP-Link bulb when you shop with Alexa. Customers using Philips Hue bulbs must have hub v2 with the skill enabled.

So I’ve been using Ask Alexa to change colors of lights via Alexa, hoping now maybe I won’t have to? They don’t list the Stringify lights in this list, but hopefully they are supported. Will have to try tonight and find out…

(Realy Living Dream) #2

Your email must be low on their list, that Alexa skill update was released over a week ago.

(Glen King) #3

It is nonetheless a welcome update. Increases WAF considerably when she can say “Alexa, turn living room blue” rather than having to remember “Alexa, turn on Arctic Aurora”.