Philips Hue Color + ST + Alexa

Can someone please guide me with this? I want to be able to change the colors using Alexa.


Can’t be done using the native Alexa integration. They’re just not offering that feature yet. Just on, off, and dim.

If you have An iOS device, you can use Siri to change the colors. This gives you the most voice options.

You can use IFTTT and change colors through the Phillips hue channel, but you’d have to have predefined which color you wanted to change to. But you could say “Alexa, trigger blue” and have an IFTTT recipe set up that turned the Hue lights blue.

With SmartThings, You could use a smart app which set it to a specific predefined color and then use a virtual switch to run that from Alexa. But like IFTTT, you’re limited to the color options you had pre-defined.

I’m not sure if askAlexa can do color changes or not. @MichaelS would know.

I know core can do the color changes, I’m just not quite sure how the echo interaction works with that. @ady624

Ask Alexa DOES allow color changes by command…valid voice actions include:

Alexa, Ask SmartThings to set the THELIGHTS to blue
Alexa, Ask SmartThings to set the THELIGHTS to blue and 75 percent


Awesome! :heart_eyes:

can you guide me with this please?

We should note here that askAlexa is a custom smart app which also requires signing up for an Amazon Web services account. Very powerful, but not as simple to setup as the Siri or IFTTT methods.


What JD said :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. I will into AskAlexa, but it sounds like IFTTT will be a good temporary solution.

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