Controlling Hue colors via Alexa

Whenever I try to set the color of my Hue lights through Alexa, it says that the device doesn’t support that. Alexa sees my Hue lights via the Alexa smartapp and not the Hue skill (when I had the Hue skill installed, my Hue lights would show up twice with Alexa). Is it possible to change the color of SmartThings lights with Alexa? If so, what do I need to do?

Mine does this without problems.
As long as you have the hue bridge, you’re good to go.
Don’t allow Alexa to see your bulbs through smartthings or they’ll all appear twice.
Just use Alexa with the hue skill.
Then tell Alexa “set the ROOM to COLOUR”, and the lights all turn to the specified colour.
Multriple bulbs change together without the popcorn effects that I used to get when I had smartthings do this job.
Hope this helps.