Alexa now supports cameras


This is really cool…I am actually able to see my Ring doorbell on the Show screen…very nicely done Amazon!


Nest built a skill too. And I was surprised how little lag I get from issuing the show cam command to live stream. Very happy with the Shows…

Too bad it won’t display to my firetv.

Too bad Alexa in the Echo, Dot or Tap devices can’t control the Fire TV or Fire Stick. So much for integration of Amazon infrastructure.

But it’s still cool that cameras are now supported on the Show.

It can control at least basic FireTV function if you have Logitech Harmony hub.

And there it is, finally.

For anybody that’s interested, Amazon now has a section in help explaining that Alexa can control Fire TV. It’s isn’t full control but it’s a step closer.

Alexa, show me comedies on fire tv
getting comedies on fire tv (fire tv stick shows the main comedy screen)

Alexa, show movies on fire tv
ok, tell me what you want to watch. – This should show all the movies available so I can find what i want to watch, but she just ask what you want to watch instead.