New Amazon Fire TV and Stick with Alexa!

Amazon just announced a that their new Fire TV and Fire TV stick will feature Alexa integration. I can’t find it anywhere in the press release, but I wonder if these new devices will integrate with ST as easily??

At $99 and $49, these are way cheaper than the Echo and provide functionality it doesn’t.

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This is basically a spare Alexa remote and nothing more. You still cannot tell Alexa to control your FireTV. I would love to say “Alexa, turn on the last episode of XXX”. Bummer…

Now you can use Alexa, the brain behind Echo, with your Fire TV Stick. Alexa, a cloud-based voice service provides information, answers questions, plays music, checks sports scores or the weather, and more—instantly. Just ask Alexa using your Fire TV Voice Remote.

  • it adds 4K UHD streaming content.
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Yes, I meant in regard to Alexa integration, sorry I wasn’t clear about that. However, the stick doesn’t support 4k, only the box.

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The remote looks just like Echo remote and Fire TV box remote, but I don’t think you can use only one to operate all three devices, or can you?

I don’t own one… Is the Echo integration cloud-based? What’s preventing ST integration besides Amazon not wanting to cannibalize the Echo?

I own a FireTV (previous gen) and Echo and unless it has changed with the new FireTV, the two remotes are not compatible.

It’s a new remote, but it’s not linking to your echo device. It’s using the Alexa cloud service.

So basically, it’s a voice remote specifically for the fire TV. Like similar voice remote from Comcast and other services we must hold down the microphone button while speaking. It’s not hands-free the way the echo is.

Also, at least from introductory materials, you will not be able to control your “connected home” devices from the fire TV remote. So you won’t be able to turn lights on and off even if you can control those lights from the echo.

The following is also significant:

Please note it does not work directly inside individual applications, like Netflix.

If instead, I combine smart things plus harmony plus Roku plus echo, I can in fact get granular control inside of Netflix for any buttons that the Harmony remote would use. So I can get voice control of pause, rewind, etc. inside Netflix with echo, but not with the fire TV remote.

The new feature will be nice for many people, but it’s not full voice control yet.

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Coming this fall…just got this email from Amazon:

This week, we announced the all new Amazon Fire TV family, now with Alexa. With Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, you can use the remote to ask Alexa for sports scores, weather, music, and more. If you already own a Fire TV, Alexa will be coming to your device through an update this fall. Just like with Echo, we will be adding even more Alexa features to Amazon Fire TV in the future.

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And here’s a portion of the email that I received:

While I can’t speak to our plans for the future, I can tell you Alexa will interact with your Fire TV to respond to your voice commands. You’ll be able to play music and audiobooks directly through your Fire TV, or ask questions about sports, weather, traffic, and more. Many of these features will open a separate screen on your TV. We’re constantly looking to improve our services, and customer feedback about these features is very important to us as we continue to grow.

Has anyone purchased a new fire Tv? It seems for now that Alexa on Fire Tv would not have any smart home functionality so in that respect an integration of fire tv-smartthings would be of no use YET.

The Alexa in the fire TV is exactly the same as an Alexa skill. Which means no, it does not have access to any of the connected device features of the echo. It’s not even hands-free – – you have to hold down a button on the remote when you talk. And they boss is stripped out some of the features to keep it later, so for example yes, it will tell you sports scores and weather, but it won’t tell you a joke.

They may add home automation features to it later, but they’re not there now.

Great thanks. I have the gen 1 so I will wait for the software update and then try it in combination with the app. (I am using the Harmony remote on the main TV!)

I noticed yesterday that my 2 (gen 1) fire sticks showed up as new devices on Echo app. I did little research, but couldn’t figure it out what I can do with them. I’ll play with them today and will report back if I discover new tricks.

Ah yes, I also already see my Fire TV and Fire TV stick, now need to change everything to US settings to see if it will do anything. I suspect the firmware of the box needs updating first though

according to this article, the fire tv is now capable of smart home control.

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It is as is the Fire Stick when using the smart phone app or upgraded voice remote.[quote=“lordorwell, post:17, topic:22879, full:true”]
according to this article, the fire tv is now capable of smart home control.

this is so exciting to me. I just bought a fire stick from amazon with the voice remote for one of my noisier rooms that IVEE hates. Incidentally it offered me $50 credit if i was approved for a credit card (with no fees at all on it). I was approved so i got the stick for only $6

I just hooked up the new Fire TV Stick. I was able do give HA commands to it just like my echo and dots, and it worked. I was pleasantly surprised, since it seemed there was a lot of contradictory information out there. I have not asked it to tell me a joke yet though.

I just asked it to do an Ask Alexa command, to get the status of the thermostat, and not only did it tell me, it put the words it said on the TV. Awesome!

Update: I asked it to tell me a joke. It also put it on the screen. What did the father buffalo say to his son when he left for college?


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