Alexa not being able to connect to virtual switches

(Gyslain Hamel) #1

So i asked on Alexa Reddit before and nobody was able to help.

In smartthings I have a virtual switch, and once that switch turns on, it starts a script in Webcore. If i turn on the virtual switch manually in smartthings all works well.

But since 1 week that doesn<t work in Alexa (it did before). If i check the virtual switch in the alexa app it says the device doesn’t respond. But all my other smartthings devices works though Alexa.

Stuff i tried

  1. Deleting the switch in alexa and rediscovering devices
  2. Rebooting Alexa and smarthings
  3. Deauthroize smarthings in alexa, delete the device in Alexa, reauthorise the device in Alexa and run a device discovery

Nothing works

The only thing i can see is that i changed router this week, but I don’t think that it’s that problem? (since other smartthings device works)

(Mark) #2

It’s probably not your router.

(Michael) #3

See this thread for possible answer:

(Gyslain Hamel) #4

That’s intersteing thanks i’ll read this

(Jimmy) #5

Tl;dr: change it to the virtual switch device type.

(Gyslain Hamel) #6

nvm lol found it lol