Alexa needs to be told twice

I have a zwave linear accessory switch connected through smartthings to control a fan light connected via enerwave relay and a lamp with a Phillip hue bulb. When I use the switch, which is labeled “bedroom light” lights turn on and off fine. When I say “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light” it says “ok” but lights don’t turn off. Checking ide log that states “parse returned bedroom light switch is on” when I tell Alexa a second time, the lights turn off. Every time this happens. Any ideas on how I can correct this?

Just off the top of my head, it sounds like the status is not reported back after using the switch. So even though you used the switch to turn the light off, the light status is still seen as ‘on’ somewhere in your configuration. I’d have to see more to know.

But this is why I don’t control my Hue lights via Alexa via SmartThings. When you control them ‘directly’ via Alexa, they just obey without having to negotiate any of the ST statuses.

I have had this happen occasionally on several different devices around my house. I know for sure it happened on a lamp last night that has a OSRAM bulb in it. I have also had it happen on a GE outlet that controls some lamps… I have just recently switched from Iris to ST and it happened on Iris occasionally as well, so that makes me think it is an Alexa issue.

I had not thought to look at the ST logs to see but I see something similar. Last night when the bulb did not turn on there is a command that says Alexa said to turn it off and then another when I asked the second time to turn it on. So in my case it looks like Alexa interpreted my first statement as off instead of on.

The linear switch is set so that little led light is on when switch is in off. When i tell alexa to turn the light off, the little led illuminates as if the switch has been toggled off but the light remains on, when i repeat command to alexa the second time, the light turns off. I have two identicle setups in my house (fan light wired to enerwave relayand controled through smarthings via linear accessory switch) even the fans are identicle and both have this same issue. Not sure how to fix it but it’s really annoying to have to repeat myself every time i try to turn these lights off via echo.