Alexa loses devices in routines

Since the day I migrated to the new app, I found all my routines that I set up lost the devices associated with it. So I had to basically recreate all of them. But in a few days it happened again. Anyone else had this, and if so is there a permanent fix? I think it is because Scenes in SmartThings changes something.

I know for a fact that migrating to the new Alexa skill for SmartThings WILL invalidate your routines that use ST devices because it invalidates all of your ST devices when you disconnect the Classic Alexa Skill. Proper sequence includes deleting all old ST devices in Alexa to prevent issues with naming before re-adding the new Alexa skill. This has the side effect of breaking all routines that had one of these devices.

When deleting all the smartthings devices does this include the hub? I am having the same issue. Once migrated to the new ST app Alexa no longer sends announced triggers I had setup as routines. I have been banging my head in the wall trying to figure this out even contacted Amazon with pretty much not assistance or solution. My next step was to contact Samsung but had a felling it would also be hours on the phone to not come up with a answer.