ALexa & Google Home on same hub

Alexa works fine but I have 2 lights called bar lights and in the room kitchen. Alexa turns them both on and off perfectly but Google only turns one of them on. If I tell Google to turn them on a second time it will turn on the second light. Then it will turn them both off. I have even unplugged Alexa and Google still doesn’t work correctly.

They’re both named exactly the same? If so, I bet Alexa and Google handle duplicates differently. It’s not an ST thing.

Perhaps consider renaming one, and then create a group in Alexa. That’s what I do for many scenarios like yours. I don’t have Google Home, but can you group devices together like you can with Alexa?

What exactly are you referring to when you say in the room “kitchen”? When you say room that means three different things here, you have room setups in ST, Alexa, and Google Home. And the same goes when you say 2 lights called “bar lights”. Are you referring to the ST device thing like @johnconstantelo is referring to or did setup name alias in Google Home or are you using custom app integration for Alexa like AskAlexa as well?