Alexa issues right now? (March 6th)

Anyone having problems controlling their devices via Alexa, and/or setting up devices in the Alexa app?

I can’t control devices, or scenes/routines, and I can’t add/remove devices. All I get is the red bar of death in the Classic app that says Error saving page.

I get “xxxx is not responding” and my Spot shows “An error has occurred.”

Seems brokened.

Yup, but I just noticed the smartapp did remove the device from ST, but not Alexa. Looks like I’ll have to do that manually.

Support has been emailed, so I should get a reply in a few weeks…


And they’ll suggest you reboot your hub.

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Something to do with the firmware update?

Maybe however my hub has not been updated yet. Doesn’t mean it’s not systemic of course.

I’m working again John.

Nope. I’ve been on that firmware for the beta.

@Nezmo, I’m back up too just now. Must have been a solar flare…

Past hour and a half hub has been online but no devices able to be controlled using voice commands. App shows activity on the switches ect reporting back but Alexa can’t control them

I’m blaming it on my dog.



I had an issue with Alexa due to a device that didn’t delete properly. I went to the Alexa SmartApp and unclicked the “Allow Alexa to access all devices, scenes and routines”. Then it gives you the option to select the devices you allow Alexa to access. I didn’t include the deleted/ damaged device and Alexa started working again.