Alexa Echo Dot and Video Devices (UK)

I’ve been watching lots of videos that all refer to a section in the Alexa app called Music, Video and Books. even the amazon website here refers to this:

Based on all this info, I am supposed have video section in the Music, Video and Books Section. In the section I can select my Fire TV and Echo Dot, but I just do not see any video sub sections, just music and books. Just don’t know what is wrong. Can anyone help.

The “Video” subsection should be at the very top of the screen that appears when you select “Music, Video and Books”, and should contain options for “fireTV” and “dish”. If it does not then you should contact Amazon Support.

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That’s what I have been looking for but that subsection called videos is completely missing in my app. Also tried accessing Alex a from the web browser. Will try calling Amazon customer service

Spent over one hour on the phone with Amazon Customer service who couldnt figure out what was wrong then eventually they said it is because the Video section feature hasn’t been rolled out to the UK yet.

Ah, well…that makes sense. I didn’t realize you were in the UK. In the future you should always mention that when seeking help, given the differences between what is supported in the U.S. vs elsewhere.


Hi there. Would it help if . The region is changed on all devices to the US and then link the devices and then revert to the UK?