Alexa Deals: Nucleus Intercom 2 pack $100 off

Must be ordered through Alexa. This device has many of Alexa’S capabilities (but not all, it can’t play all music services) and is a two-way video intercom.

Some community members, including @Andy_Armijo , have it and like it, and this is a good deal.

Note that one of the biggest complaints about it is that it has no night vision.

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Works pretty good. I have one for my elderly mom who lives 2,500 miles away and she is not computer literate (so skype and facetime and the like are not good options). This is basically a 1 touch video call.

Not sure if the above deal is still active, but…

Get an additional $50 off your purchase with 2 day free shipping.

Use this link

You get the $50 off and I get a rebate as well. Win / Win.

You are the first person I have heard say anything nice about these things.

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There are a couple of other community members who have it and like it. No night vision is a frequent complaint, though. It may just depend on the exact specifics of how each family uses it.

$294 when you buy 2 @ lowes and use the $50 off coupon
Use TCB get $25.80 back 6% of $430

Get $35.80 with a new account (with referral)

So with a few clicks you can get a pr for $260ish.


Hi Tom,
Do i need New account with Necleus with referral. to get $35.80. I bought Nucleus, please send me referral to my email

Thanks in advance


I had one, and it always disconnected from Alexa. The company knew about the problem, and told me a update will be coming. I returned it after a month when the update never showed. I hope that problem has been resolved.

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Problem was solved when Amazon released the Show LoL

We’ve got one of these and have had no problems with Alexa integration on it.

I wish the Alexa support included the ability to drop in and voice call other devices in the Echo Ecosystem.

They are great for checking on your pets when you are away from home.

As it is any $20 web cam?

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I suppose if you had a webcam that also reports the temperature and humidity in my house and has alexa functionality and that family members can use to initiate a two-way video call to my phone yes.

We like ours. haven’t used it much lately Wish it showed that you have missed an incoming call.

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