Nucleus to control SmartThings?

I’ve just found out that “Nucleus Smart Home Intercom” is available for Pre-order on Amazon for $249, will be available on August/31, Lowes is already announcing through e-mail, and on the Nucleus site it says that it will control SmartThings:

Make your home smarter.

Nucleus is compatible with a host of connected devices that make your home smarter and your life easier. Use Nucleus to control Nest, SmartThings and more.

Can someone confirm this information? And how this integration would work? I’m just curious :slight_smile:

I can’t see this being a hit product. With technology now, getting in touch with people is much easier and the audience is limited as most people have houses where you can yell across and someone can hear you :).

If it were as good as the Echo for voice commands and had that level of integration it might be interesting, but at the cost it would be better to go with an Echo. To @Mbhforum poing I am not sure how valuable an intercom is. Now one of their use case is to put these at Grandma’s house. I can see that as my folks get older…

when I want to hear something from other people in the house, I’ll beat it out of them. For free unless you count jailtime.

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I’m more interested in the “Connected Home Controls” and how will it integrate with SmartThings. I was hopping that someone from ST would chime in, like @tslagle13 :smile:
I know this is expensive, but I think it would be a good alternative for a more fancy Tablet with ST controls and added Intercom, Monitor and Security functionalities.

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I bought 9 of the nucleus intercom devices and installed 3 of them this week with 6 more to mount and configure this weekend. My wife and I have a 2 story home and we love them so far. I put one in my master bedroom, kitchenand office and love the audio and video communication. I also love that the Amazon Echo Alexa voice control is built into these devices. Now I can control all my smartthings devices through my nucleus devices using the Alexa voice control. The devices are great and the have more tweaking to do but I may very happy with the purchases we made. Fyi, the mobile app lso allows you to call these devices when you are away or for example if I’m at work and my wife is in the kitchen and has her hands full she can have the kitchen nucleus device call my mobile phone via audio or video. My 5 year old loves this feature done she doesn’t have a cell phone :slight_smile:
I think this device is going to make a name for itself given some time.
As of right now you can only control ST using the Alexa wake command on the nucleus but they have plans to integrate with smartthings and allow you to turn lights on/off or dim lights. Also change the temperature if you own a Nest. Good things are coming and I’m loving that they will go with smartthings down the road.


Thank you for your review - please keep us updated. I have my eye on the product and have been in contact with Nucleus regarding in the pipeline enhancements (add a temp control- plans to partner with doorbell co like Ring etc etc). Can you speak to the camera / picture quality as that seems to be a concern on several reviews, as well as the audio output quality, as it does state to stream music (but thinking the quality probably isn’t what an Echo is?). Personally I think this is a stellar idea - and even can imagine using Nucleus rather than multiple AMAZON /ALEXA devices all over the house (which I now already invested in).

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It’s a great device if you want to use it specifically for video and audio intercom communication between rooms and even homes.

Video quality is ok… I am disappointed is not crisp like my nestcam but it does look good… The one thing I hate about it is there is NO night vision which means if I want to check up on a room but the lights are off I won’t seem anything… I’m very upset about this…

And for streaming music, No - it’s not a bose system nor is it nearly sound as good as Amazon Echo…

Honestly, it’s just a very good intercom system with a high ceiling for growth in the Home Automation arena…

I do look forward to the updates they promise to put out by Christmas.

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Love my Nucleus - it is a must in the big house.
but I would love it even more if someone would found a way to install ST app/interface on it. SmartTiles would work too.
Any one with first hand knowledge on it.