Intercoms through the house?

Are there any Zigbee or Zwave intercoms that I could put throughout the house. I would like to hit a button to talk on the intercom, and not really use a smart phone to trigger the intercom.

It would be nice if it could output through Sonos.

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What a great idea, not sure if anything exists like that yet. You can kinda do something similar with UBI, and I think that is the direction they are going with the UBI Android app. You might want to check into that, many of us here are using UBI for voice automation with SmartThings.

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So far, we are loving our Ubi! :smile:

Check out the bRightswitch.

I’ve got 5 of them on order. They are supposed to be shipping in October. It’s more more then an Intercom. I’m hoping for ST integration.

This is pretty intriguing. Will have to keep an eye on this one.

How UBI can be used as an intercom ?

You need to use the ubi app for android. You can currently set a ubi as a target and have it repeat what you say in ubi s voice. I see the potential to make it a whole house system. But they currently do not do that. Given what I am seeing it should be soon though.

“Ok Ubi”… “Listen to master bedroom Ubi”

“Ok Ubi”… “Announce” … “Someone is at the door”

Yeah, I could see something like that working.

Ubi could be a decent intercom - but I think probably what you’re looking for is a tablet attached to the wall. I am going through a similar search as well

So… this thread died, last reply was 652 days go, but I’m very interested to be able to ring an intercom in my house and talk through my phone. Family members often don’t have their phones on them, and I want to be able to reach them to different rooms, while I’m out, or even within the house.

Has anything come along yet?

I’m highly interested in this too. Something like this that we can integrate perhaps?

I was just thinking about this earlier this week also. Mainly because i saw the price drop on the Wink Relay. The forums have reported we can side-load ST on it, but I think we would lose the intercom function? If we can keep it, I’m definitely grabbing two.

I have two wall mounted android tablets running smarttiles and loaded an app on both of them called “Intercom for Android”. They work pretty well, and can use the wifi network or bluetooth. My only complaint is the volume isn’t very loud but I’m sure that has more to do with my $60 tablets than the app. I don’t have any way to control it directly from smarttiles but I have a floating widget that makes it pretty easy to pull up regardless of what screen I’m on.


The Nucleus intercom is new. It’s basically a pretty UI on a dedicated tablet that also allows you to call in from a phone. You can’t use the tablet for anything else. It also has the hands free Alexa service, which gives you some of the features of an Amazon echo, although not all (for example, no Spotify) and it doesn’t have the echo’s hardware advantage in farfield recognition. But it’s a tablet you can hang on the wall and use to video call another tablet either in your house or someone else’s house, as well as calling from a phone.

Pros: should be really easy for kids to use, just press a picture tile to open a connection to another nucleus tablet.

Because of the Alexa service, you can also use it for hands-free voice control of SmartThings

Has both audio and video

Should be excellent for wellness checks on a senior relative in another residence because it’s very easy to use. They have a lot of examples on the manufacturer site of grandchildren talking to their grandparents.

Cons: there’s no browser on the tablet and you can’t run anything else on it, like smarttiles

It’s quite expensive, around $250 a unit although the price goes down if you buy several at once.

You can only connect to one device at a time, although they said they’re working on eventual group casting.

And the only feature which is hands-free is using Alexa. You have to touch the tablet to make an intercom call.

There are a couple of community members who have it, including @Andy_Armijo . So they can say more from actual experience.

So all in all it looks like a nice, if expensive, video intercom that also allows access to SmartThings via the Alexa service.

For me, the two biggest negatives are that you cannot also run SmartTiles on it and that it is not hands-free for the intercom. But I can see it being useful in a lot of homes.

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Yeah. Pretty much dead on. I bought two of these, essentially to check in on and speak to my dog, and I have spent so much time working through alexa commands I haven’t installed them on the wall several weeks later. BUT! Using yonomi and harmony activities = genius. Screw that trigger nonsense through ifttt. Alexa, turn on tv. Boom. Done.

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Harmony has a native Alexa integration in beta now… :wink:

Genius. One less service would be great

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Is anyone in this community testing this?

I too am looking for a reliable intercom system so that I can call up to different rooms upstairs for my kids and not have to yell at thre top of my lungs.

I pre ordered brightswitch but 2+ years later, still nothing from the indegogo project.

I recently bought 4 nucleus devices but returned them today to Lowes since they were unreliable and buggy. It may be a good solution in he future but not quite ready for prime time imho.

Any other ideas out there?

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Do you want video or would just two way audio do?

Tagging @bamarayne who has 6 kids and knows all about yelling. :wink: