Room to Room Intercom?

Are there any Room to Room Intercoms that could be triggered from ST?

I’ve seen this…

Is there a cheaper version… maybe some with video and some without video?

Nucleus looks and sounds really too good to be true… I’m not going to hold my breath for that release, though I’m anxiously awaiting the outcome…

I just got my nucleus intercoms today. As of right now, the only integration with smartthings they have is through Alexa, which is built in and does not require an echo. If, like me, you do not have an echo, here’s what I see Alexa can handle in my smartthings setup. Switches. Period. But the siren is one of those things, so if I can say Alexa, tell the siren to shut the hell up, I’ll be happy. Also though, Alexa connects with a number of things in my home which could be cool but I’m too busy to really go over it in a very detailed way just yet (Skybell, rachio, ecobee). With IFTTT and harmony, I’m fairly certain that at least for me I’ll be able to voice control sonos and never leave my computer. So obviously, worth it.

As far as using the Alexa service with smartthings, there’s tons of stuff in the forums on the Echo that will apply, but basically you just set up a virtual switch and tie it to whatever smart things event that you want, such as a routine or mode or smart app. Echo can also handle thermostats. So you can do a lot more with it than just switches. :sunglasses:

not sure how i forget my ecobee. That is so far the only purpose I have found for alexa.

Handsfree Alexa is a very different experience than push-a-button Alexa for most people, I think. We use ours for lights control, setting timers, setting alarms, asking when the Giants play next, checking the weather, playing music, and voice control of Harmony. All very practical, but I don’t think we’d do any of it if we had to press a button.

I could definitely get down with the harmony aspect. I haven’t had time to even fully play with the nucleus or alexa yet. I’ve got about a hundred unfinished thoughts about things that are already inside of smartthings. and yet i cant stop ordering things.

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You are not alone… :wink: