Alexa can't discover 2019 Serif TV


Saw that you were able to help out a few people with similar issues earlier. Have tried deleting and reinstalling both apps, clearing cache, reconnecting etc. Serif connects (via smart things) to Google assistant fine (voice control works) but no luck with Alexa.


Hi, sorry to hear you are having issues. That is weird because the same logic is used for Google and Alexa! Can you give me your samsung email address and I will look at your account. Also, in Google does it appear as a TV or as a switch?


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@Lars I’m unable to see any obvious way to DM/PM you here. Do you have an official address or alternate platform where I can send it (it’s sensitive because it’s also my primary Google account).

The serif is showing up as a TV in Google Home. Did not require detection, auto pulled all Smart things devices as soon as I linked Google.



Maybe you can PM me and I’ll reply to that?

Thanks a lot again for your time

Tap on the poster’s avatar and a small pop-up will appear with a “message“ button. Tap that and you can send them a private message.