Alexa and smart life

So my mother recently moved and when I was hooking all her Alexa stuff back up I started having issues. Got her Echo and her echo dots all hooked up and functioning perfectly but when I tried to connect the Tan Tan smart plugs nothing worked. I was able to get smart life to find them and get them connected to various devices and it works fine turning them on and off in the smart life app but when I try to have Alexa discover them, no go. It discovers 5 devices but they are all under the names of what they were at the old house. I tried deleting them all and rediscovering the sockets but they still come up under the same old names and they also show “offline”. Any suggestions to this issue? Thank you all in advance for any help.

This forum is for Samsung smartthings products and issues related to Samsung SmartThings integrations. Maybe you want to go to an Amazon echo forum to have your question best answered.

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