Smart life app and tan tan plugs

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, I hope y’all can assist me. I had my whole house linked to Alexa with Tan Tan plugs through Smart Life and it worked great but my WIFI sucked. So I had a new modem installed and it’s a little better but now I cannot get anything to connect, at all. My Alexa and dot work fine but can’t get any of the plugs connected. I tried resetting them one by one, tried deleting one in smart life and adding it again, and nothing. Does this mean I need to delete and reinstall smart life and redo each plug one by one? Or is it something else? Any help would be much appreciated. I have been tearing my hair out…lol

Thank you

Hi @METALMACHINE, This forum is for Sansung’s SmartThings app, hub and supported devices. Are you looking for Smart Life’s forum and support?

I was able to Google for that, and all I came up with their main site. You might try Reddit?