Alexa & ST morning routine with music

Is there a way to get a command or routine like below

Alexa good morning
Trigger ST to turn on lights
Provide weather status
Trigger spotify to play music station or playlist on certain alexa devices I have in house.

The alexa app does not have music integrated into their routines so I was wondering if ST could do this via webcore or another solution.


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The last step is the challenge. Everything before that can be done easily. You can even get the Alexa to run anything in a ST routine, even stuff that the Echo does not know about (such as door locks).

Though there is a community developed smart app called AskAlexa. I’m not entirely sure what all it can do, but that’s something worth looking into.

I think if you had a Sonos speaker (you can get those with Alexa built in now) you could do the whole thing for sure. But those speakers aren’t cheap (but they supposedly do sound much better than the Echo ones do).

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Waiting on music step, myself. I think it will only be a matter of time before Amazon adds that.

Initiating music through Ask Alexa (and the Alexa device) is not possible through a skill. If you have a Sonos or some other SmartThings integrated speaker we could work together to get this working, but everything BUT the music part is possible with the native integration or Ask Alexa.