Pairing an US Hub with a EU HUB?

Hi! I would like to be able to control both US and EU Zwave devices I own. Is it possible to control both from one same account and dashboard by pairing both hubs?

I know this is not what you want to hear but using a US hub in the EU or vice-versa is technically illegal, you could be frequencies you would not be authorized to use…


You can have two hubs with one ST account but they have to be two distinct locations. Each hub and its devices will be completely separate. I’m not sure what would happen if the two hubs are in the same physical location if you’re trying to do anything with geolocation/presence.

And yes it’s presumably illegal to operate a radio on a frequency it’s not licensed for, which you’d be doing with both EU and US Z-wave controllers in your two hubs. I don’t know if anyone could ever really be caught while doing so though.

It’s not generally illegal in the US to operate zwave devices On the EU frequency provided it has an FCC certification. Which I believe the SmartThings EU frequency hub does, at least the first model did:

The US is pretty generous with regard to the unlicensed frequency bands.

The same is not true of the EU, so you just need to check there to see what is legal to import and operate.

All of that said, probably the more significant issue is that SmartThings platform does not allow for 2 hubs together to share the same devices even if they are both on the EU frequency or both on US frequency.

If they are both the same, you can set each one up as its own “location” on a single account, including on the same ethernet, but they can’t share Devices or smartapps. Really the only advantage is that you can shift from looking at one to looking at the other without having to log out of the smart things mobile app.

I’ve no idea whether you can have a location which is a hub on one frequency and another location on the same account with a different frequency or not. @slagle or @aaron might know.

But in any case, you can’t do what you were asking about, which is to share devices so that you can see them all on a single things list and set up smart apps to use both. So you cannot “pair the 2 hubs together” regardless of the frequency.

Thank you all for your replies!

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You can have two locations, one with a US Hub and one with a UK Hub

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