Making Use Of An Old US V1 Hub For EU/UK Users Upgrading To V2 (Idea)

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Hello All

Quick Idea here, want to know if this is something that could be done eventually to bridge the US/UK gap with Z-Wave differences etc . . .

My idea is as simple as wondering if the old V1 Hub’s could be setup as a repeater for the new UK V2 Hub but also act as a bridge for US Z-Wave products, that way it wouldn’t essentially matter what products you purchased as one of the two hubs would be able to make use of it and integrate it into the system…

The major issue in the UK as it stands is, we dont have a great deal of “Choice” when it comes to the world of IOT and infact we are fairly behind, hence why my home has US versions (with uk plug adaptors) for: ST / HARMONY HOME / UBI’S / Z-Wave Sensors etc

If this was a future possibility it would mean i could still make use of my US Z-Wave products even after migrating to a UK HUB V2 :slight_smile:

The backup plan is to have certain Z-Wave devices on a 2nd hub (acting as a second location) but i can already forsee 101 issues with this from the off . . .

JUST AN IDEA - welcome to feedback and possibilities :slight_smile:


What you describe is not technically possible under the Z wave standard.

Nothing to do with SmartThings.

Each zwave device may belong to only one Zwave network.

Each Z wave network may operate on only one Z wave frequency.

So there is no way for a single device, such as the Z wave controller inside the V1 SmartThings hub, to talk to both devices on the US frequency and devices on the UK frequency. Zwave just doesn’t work that way.

So even if they do eventually set it up so that one smartthings hub can act as a zwave repeater for another on the same zwave network (not currently possible due to the smartthings architecture), that same one hub will not be able to act as a bridge between devices with two different zwave frequencies.

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I thought they may be a way to work round it with the cloud and making virtual representations of a US device on a V1 hub that can then work on a V2 UK Hub . . but granted to put that into motion for the small market that may need it would be unrealistic, the realistic bet is to either get a US V2 HUB and carry on as normal or sell the odd US Z-WAVE device and hope to god a lot more UK z-wave devices appear :slight_smile: just very very reluctant to get a UK hub and then later realize i cant get naff all for it because everything is US based first :slight_smile:


You can do all kinds of things in the cloud but you still have to be able to communicate locally with each of the individual devices using a specific zwave radio frequency. There’s nothing the cloud can do about that.

You can’t typically “tune” an individual zwave device from one frequency to another. This is why even if the manufacturer offers the same device with different frequencies, you have to specify which frequency you want at the time you order the device.

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  1. give it to someone else

  2. Use it to restart hub v2 once in a while with a switch. You can’t do that without 2 hubs.

  3. test if hub v1 blends