Alexa adds more switches/plugs as Alexa routine triggers (august 2023)

I mentioned a few months ago that Amazon had quietly added a bunch of new devices as possible triggers for an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine), including almost anything connected to a hue bridge. Even the handheld remotes.

Then, sometime this month, they added another set of devices that can act as triggers. That includes most Amazon brand devices, including the basic Wi-Fi smart plugs, many more ring brand devices, including a lot of the ring smart lighting, and at least some zigbee devices connected directly to an echo as a hub. (As I’ve mentioned before, I have a couple of third reality Smart switch covers set up this way, so I have local voice operation with them.)

This allows you to create some additional smartthings integrations by having the echo routine turn on a virtual device acting as a proxy, or just turning on other smartthings-controlled devices as desired.

It doesn’t seem to have added anything new that’s connected to Alexa via smartthings, but it’s an interesting development.

These are 2 third reality zigbee smart switch covers, which are connected to an echo device as a hub.

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Interesting - thanks for sharing. Always good to see new features being added…


They now match the one advantage Google Home Routines had :slightly_smiling_face:


I just checked and Google Home still works with a lot more switches, plugs and bulbs than Alexa does.


Yeah, Alexa is a very small set right now. I don’t have any Matter devices set up on Alexa. I’m curious if any of the Matter over WiFi plugs will work to trigger Alexa routines. :thinking:

One of my Wiz Matter bulbs shows as a trigger. I have 2 other Wiz Matter bulbs in ST, but I don’t think I connected them to Alexa via Matter and they are not triggers

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Is it connected to a hue bridge? Because at this point almost anything connected to a hue bridge will show up as a potential Alexa trigger. :sunglasses:

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No, I don’t have a Hue Bridge.

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The Scripting tools in Google home are currently more advanced. They have more if then else options.

Automations - Google Home


I forgot about those! need to explorer them one of these days…


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Thanks. Please provide a link to the previous post on trigger devices.

Alexa adds more routine triggers, including buttons and lights

Thanks for the info