Alexa adds more routine triggers, including buttons and lights

Major thanks to @ErnieG for alerting me to This in another thread. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know it was here. :sunglasses:

In the leap frog dance of feature parity between Alexa and Google Home, Alexa has matched Google home’s recent ability to use a light coming on as a trigger for a routine and jumped ahead by also adding lots of buttons as trigger options, including the batteryfree friends of hue switches when connected via a hue hub. Also, including the four buttons on the hue dimmer switch, and the new hue tap dial.

Yay! :tada::tada::tada:

I’m not sure exactly when this happened, I just know it’s here now.

Previous to this outside of sensors, locks, and thermostats, only the Flic buttons and the echo brand buttons could be used as Alexa routine triggers, and no lights or switches.


So now both Alexa and Google Home have added switch triggers.

However, on my Alexa triggers list I’m only seeing devices from other 3rd parties, like my Kasa power devices connected to Alexa directly, but I’m not seeing anything at all from SmartThings native devices showing up in the Alexa trigger list.

Probably something smartthings has to do, then. Or maybe Alexa is rolling it out a little at a time. I do see all my hue devices, but none of my Meross lights, for example.

4 December update:

So far I’m seeing everything connected to the hue bridge, including Lutron Aurora dimmers and friends of hue switches. Plus Amazon brand smart plugs. But no Lutron Caseta or Meross devices. Or anything connected through SmartThings. :thinking:

Sengled blue tooth bulbs paired with an Echo or Echo Dot can also be used as triggers.

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Good info, thanks. I see the Zigbee switches I have connected directly to an Echo device with a Zigbee hub inside, including two Third Reality smart switches, also now work as triggers. Those are set up as my emergency “plan C“ voice control backup since they have voice control even if the Internet is out. :sunglasses: So I have one in each room between my bedroom and the front door to create a local voice controllable pathway.

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