Best ADT Integration method?


I’m looking to enable my smartthings to interface with my ADT security system. I’ve seen threads and details on an Arduino implementation as well as a Raspberry Pi implementation. I have a few Rasberry Pis I could use and have no problems with microcontrollers either but would like to solicit some advice. Anyone with presences or insights?


I went ahead and ordered up the Raspberry Pi package from Alarmdecoder. It would seem that getting it hooked up the alarm system and getting the web application setup will be easy enough (once I get the installer code for the alarm system). I’m still searching for a basic how-to on getting that set-up talking to Smartthings. I’ve seen some folks who have done it with Macs, etc. but details seem hard to track down. Any help?


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what kind of adt system is it? if its a dsc, and you have an evl-3 i can help you.

Thanks @isriam ! I’ve follows the other threads you are on with interest, although I’ve wound up a bit over my head at times. I’m currently travelling but will be back home on Friday and will post the model number. It is an ADT alarm that’s about 5-6 years old. I believe it is a Honeywell, but I’ll have to look at the control board.

I can see how to get the Alarmdecoder boards hooked up and registered as a control panel, thus flowing alarm data there. . .it’s what to do after that point that concerns me. I might be biting off more than I can chew, but I appreciate your willingness to help me give it a shot!!! I’ll circle back on Friday. Thanks!

You probably have a honeywell then.

For sure i’d look into the eyez-on evl-3 module. not only can you make it work with ST, it provides very cheap home monitoring which means you get a certificate for insurance discount. it has an API that can be controlled remotely also if you choose via ST.

a lot of features require a full time server to send/recieve events, but that isn’t a big deal if you have a spare tablet or raspberry pi.

So I’m very sure that I have a Honeywell system probably a Vista 20P? I’ve attached a photo that my research suggests is a Vista 20P. I would appreciate it if you would be willing to help me get this configured. What should I order from eyes on? Seems that the EVL 3 will work?


i dont have that, but i do have a dsc and the evl-3. according to eyez-on it will work with the vista 20p also. the great thing about the evl-3 is it allows remote control via web/eyez-on as well as a true home alarm monitoring company.

it has an api that you can use for smartthigns also, or any other home automation like mi casa verde. you’ll need dsc alarmserver ( use ethomasii’s) and a raspberry pi or any computer thats on 24/7 to run it.

supposedly the reason for the server is because the evl-3 will disconnect anything thats idle for like 10 minutes. so a middle man server will actually forward requests from evl-3 to the smartthings hub, and vice versa every time an event happens.

Thanks @isriam! So if I understand this correctly, I need to pick up an EVL-3 and hook it up to my alarm panel. Then I use a Raspberry Pi (I have a bunch of mini-PCs I could use) to run Is that the package found here:

I believe I can get the EVL-3 connected and working. I’m less confident on Should I install a linux image on my Raspberry Pi? I could put Windows on a small PC as well. What would you suggest? Are there any howtos on configurating Alarmserver?


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i used this version for alarmserver

basically it uses the api on evl-3 to recieve and send callbacks to smartthings. its pretty complicated and took me a few weeks to figure out.

alarmserver is basically a proxy. evl3 has an api, but only lets one app connect to it (port 4025). so you use alarmserver to stay logged into the evl-3 and forward calls to/from ST cloud. so if your alarm shows an open door, the evl 3 reports code 609, alarmserver gets code 609 and forwards a door open code to ST device. if you look at the code you’ll see every sensor has its own device ID, so when alarmserver sends a callback it sends it for that specific device.

the other integrations floating around didnt work well for me, but they were a great start in understanding how it needed to work. the version i linked has 2 devices called stay and arm. arm is for away arm, and stay is for stay arm. you have to actually port forward out of your firewall though for it to work until some new changes are made so its not super secure.

so heres how my system looks:

dsc alarm -> evl3 -> rpi running alarmserver -> internet -> ST cloud -> smartphone

to arm or disarm, its the exact opposite path

smartphone -> st cloud -> internet -> alarmserver http port (4026 or anything you set) -> evl3 -> alarm system

i actually uploaded all of mine if you want to use it. you still have to manually do oauth and create each devicetype for every sensor, but it made it easier for me in the long run

@ethomasii did you have any headway on making the hub send command via lan instead of across internet yet? :slight_smile:

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I tried briefly with no success… Will have to try again. ST doesn’t make it easy :smile:

Thanks so much guys. I have ordered the EVL3 and I had already looked over the code linked above. Once I get the EVL3 in my hands, my raspberry pi loaded up (or something else) and alarmserver running I’ll circle back. I suspect the EVL3<->alarmserver<->ST Cloud<->Smartphone will be the sticky part.

OK would love a dumbed down version for us non developers :smile: Would love to tie my systems together, if only smart things had an out of the box alarmnet/honeywell integration.

My EV3 showed up yesterday but I’ll be on the road for a week at least. Once I have that hooked up I’ll see how hard this is and will report back. I have reasonable technical skills but I’m not a developer so I’ll be a good litmus test.

I had an Envisalink 2 up an running with DSC 1832 for 3 years. My router broke and I decided to go with a “dumb” modem from Comcast and instead use my ~$1,000 investment in a gen 2 Time Capsule and Gen 3 Airport Extreme. After getting over a dozen devices back on the new network, I came to the Envisalink 2. Totally gone from the network. Tried doing a factory reset (connecting two pins together with a wire, really?). Tried everything. Next ordered an Envisalink 3. After about 20 emails with Eyezon, they claim my router won’t support 10MBit ethernet (not true); I’ve had to give up.

Anyone know of a way to connect the DSC to a Rasberry Pi. Is there a template for just getting the sensors connected to the Pi?

Are you able to bypass zones through smartthings?

Any updated on this? I am like others in that I am not a developer but would love to integrate ST with my hard wired alarm system since it already has all of the sensors installed.

I am considering going with ADT to please the wife but haven’t purchased anything yet. What would I tell or ask the sales rep who comes to my house to ensure a quality SmartThijgs integration? It looks like I should get the EVL3? Is that still current? Is this something ADT is okay with or do I need to do it after they leave?

I am a developer so not worried about getting my hands dirty.

Hi, new here and just getting into SmartThings, so I’m catching up on learing how to connect all my existing devices into the system. Just FYI, Envisalink just released the EVL-4 at the end of September, it’s what I ended up ordering. It supports 100mbps Ethernet connections.

Did you get this working?

I see panel status changes, but for some reason I can’t get any zones to open in SmartThings, but it appears that I am getting data from the EVL-4 through to HoneyAlarmServer.

I have an issue opened with MattTW, the author of the HoneyAlarmServer. He’s taking a look with me to try to figure it out.