AlarmDecoder IoT Direct Connected Device Discussion

Th AlarmDecoder IoT project will be replacing the AlarmDecoder network appliance + SmartThings HUB + Classic SmartThings Application.

Using an ESP32 based controller and the STSDK to create an Direct Connected Device to the SmartThings new platform.


Anyone else seeing issues with some capabilities not being online?

This started a week(ish) ago and I am not able to track down any changes I made that caused it and yet no one else seems to be reporting any issues.

Hey man, I am a complete newbie to STSDK and IoT in general and have a huge favor to ask.
Would it be possible for you to do a YouTube livestream or a provide us with a recording on how you are going around in this code. Like form beginning to end? Maybe record your next project if its not too much to ask.

I have tried to go through the documentation and a lot of other resources but there isn’t much out there to help a beginner.

This is a link I followed and I don’t understand how to code my own device rather than just the samples provided in the repo - How to Build Direct Connected Devices

I even tried to understand your GIT repo but its just too complicated without some basic information that is unavailable.


I am happy to help other developers help SmartThings but I am not sure that me making a Video on this subject would be effective. I am not a vlogger so I would spend too much time in doing the video script. Maybe a more effective solution to getting support from myself or others that are working on learning this environment would be to have some virtual discussions where we can all connect and discuss this subject? This is less structured so it should take a lot less resources to make a video and the final video can be used later by others for content. Maybe ST/SS can coordinate or sponsor these discussions?

I meant more like a screen recording rather than a vlog. Just basically your screen, captured through OBS or any other recording software you prefer. Doesn’t even have to include audio.

However, I also like your idea of having a live discussion of this topic by ST team. Something to help beginners like me get started besides just showing how to run a sample code they provided in github.

I can do a screen share of my VSCode window and take questions. Can you make a topic list of a few areas you want dig into?

My list of things on my list of things to figure out for this project.

  • Custom capabilities. A long and painful discussion but it would be nice to know where were are today on this subject and what we can expect in the near future.

  • Capabilities presentation values like “Standby” on the Momentary capability on the new App are not in many cases relevant to the task. Can these be changed to be more relevant?

  • Button capability supports multiple buttons. How does one initialize them all. I have sample code but have not been able to have the UI show multiple buttons.

  • How does monitoring capability work. I have yet to see a PING/PONG or keep alive in the logs and I have not been able to. I need a reliable way to be sure the brains inside the ESP32 are happy and be alerted ASAP if they are not.

Sean Mathews

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Release v1.0.4 firmware for ESP32 is available.

New issue. When setting up automation capabilities do not have any names so it is not possible other than counting to know what each contact does. We need to be able to change the name of of these capabilities at runtime over MQTT ! :stuck_out_tongue: