Need help with STDK coding of ESP32

Hello, I am looking to find some resources specifically for the coding part of ESP32 using STDK.

I am relatively new and followed all the instructions in this guide - How to Build Direct Connected Devices

It covers how to flash device using the example from GitHub however, I have no clue on how to change the code to work for my needs. Basically looking for some tutorial or documentation that can help me learn that.

I am willing to pay for someone to teach me.

As an example, I would like to be able to control 4 relays using a single ESP32 and have 4 cards for their respective control on SmartThings app. Maybe also a fan control to understand how to implement other capabilities.

Anything is welcome. Code suggestions, videos, docs or tutoring etc.


Was really hoping someone could guide me…

Have you tried the ESP32 Espressif forum - ?
The STDK ESP32 chipset support is based on ESP-IDF which in itself is based on FreeRTOS, maybe you should start there. I had to stumble around the examples on the ESP-IDF repo and STDK-ref repo to understand how stuff fit together.

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Thanks for the reply, I will definately look into it.

hi how are you I am currently having an issue with the

python3 --firmware switch_example_001

on windows 10 I am trying to get the public and private key so I can authenticate the device

Hi, can you elaborate?
Are you getting some error?

nothing is happening even paid someone to try figuring it out and still not getting results

and is there a way to do it with the Arduino ide


looking further this is what i goot

E (449) [IoT]: iot_api_onboarding_config_load(542) > [mnId] wrong onboarding config value detected: MNID
E (459) [IoT]: st_conn_init(1291) > failed loading onboarding profile (-5)
fail to create the iot_context
fail to init switch handle

Man, I have pretty much already given up on ST, there is just not enough support to help us beginners out.

i actualy figured it out

what are you working on

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That’s great man!

I have been struggling to add additional capabilities to the code but have no clue on how to go around doing that. Like adding a fan control etc… or even touch input from ESP32 pins.

Have offered to pay and requested help in the following posts but no one is responding -

  1. I'm So Confused by ST Development
  2. AlarmDecoder IoT Direct Connected Device Discussion
  3. Current one…

If you figure something out, I would love to hear it!!

EDIT - this is the sample code I requested from one of the devs, not sure if I will get a reply - “Can we have an ESP32 controlling say - two switches, a fan and maybe even displaying readings from temp/humidity sensor in a single device. A recorded demo of how would you go around coding this from scratch. Maybe even include how to integrate touch inputs etc… whatever common scenarios you can think of…”

Hi @Edward_shamosh,
I think you missed putting your project’s onboarding_config.json to your device firmware.
Please refer here

Hi @Shivam_Batra,
How about to refer this page