Alert If Switch On For >X Time (Seconds or Min)

Hello All - Have tried searching the forum for an existing topic but have come up short, hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. Is there an way I can get notified via text/app notification if a switch has been on for say 30 seconds or 1min?

I recently picked up a few Aeon Smart Energy Switches (@ $30 piece I figured I could tackle some remaining projects). I have setup one of these switches to turn on a Large Strobe Light & Very Loud Siren I had laying around. Essentially I create my own ‘alarm’ to integrate in to the SmartAlarm App. I was just really unimpressed with Strobe/Sirens our there like Fortrezz and wanted to use up some stuff I had sitting around.

Now that I have it setup I am concerned if there is a glitch at any-point and the switch turns on accidentally while I am away my neighbors will immediately be alarmed :man: and call the police :cop: (Yes part of the reason I set this up being in a large highrise building was to alert others, but I am talking instances where switch is accidentally triggered, not due to my SmartAlarm App settings).

This post may help:

I think it would be fairly simple to write a SmartApp to do what you desire starting from the Garage Door Monitor template. There is some slick logic to check when the last closing happened and then monitor whether the requested time has elapsed before sending a text notifying you that the door has been opened a specified number of minutes. I think you just change the garage acceleration sensor to a simple switch type and adjust the logic accordingly.

Thanks @sidjohn1 ! I just downloaded SmartRules for iOS and built quick rule that should do exactly what I was looking for :smile:
If: ‘Alarm’ ‘Turns On’
While this is true: ‘Jon’s iPhone’ ‘Is Not Present’
Then: ‘Send SMS’

Thats for suggestion @kewashi I will checkout Garage Door Monitor and take my first shot at messing around with writing my own app.

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