ALARM on smartphone

If somone break into my house or if there is a water leak detected, I simply want an alarm on my cell phone to go off. Support keeps telling me to buy an alarm, but would I carry that alarm around with me? All the alarms seem to be a the location, not mobile. Simply want an alarm on my cell phone to beep for fire, leak or break in. I don’t want to check all text messages. Seems like this would be so basic, but there is no automation to do this.

That’s not what he is asking for. He wants the mobile phone to make an audible alarm which is a reasonable request and would be a very useful feature.

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Edit: As usual @jkp beats me to the punch

You can always use Tasker (Android only) to initiate the sound following a notification from ST.
Check out some of these posts:

Your response is better so I deleted mine and will let them read yours.

Thanks @fieldsjm@Jsykas, I wrote the Tasker post he describes. I’m sure it would be easy* to use Tasker to simply play or repeat some alarm sound (i.e., any .mp3 on your phone), instead of doing all the TTS junk I described. It’s for Android phones; I don’t know if there’s something similar for iPhones.

*Tasker is “easy” after you get through all the hurdles of learning basic Tasker functionality. That’s why I gave so many details in my OP.

Tasker has nothing to do with SmartThings per se; it’s just something that can act on all kinds of events, conditions, or notifications on your phone. It can be quite useful… but it has a learning curve, and can be quirky.

You can have alarm on your phone using IFTTT.
Create virtual button “Alarm” and link it to IFTTT service ”Call my phone”. Setup different Ringtone for that phone number (search for alarm ringtone).
That’s it.
No you can trigger that button many ways.

This is what has always baffled me about the mobile app. The one thing it is screaming out to be is a multi-function device supporting presence, occupancy, geolocation, ETA, alarm, notification and audio notification capabilities etc.

What it doesn’t need to be is the front end, particularly not one that is required, and why on earth push notifications exist outside the capabilities model is a mystery.

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Yes, so far all solutions are not easy. Not understanding why this is not a feature. Who wants to find out their house was burning only when you check messages. My house would be flooded in minutes if a pipe burst, and I only check messages a few times a day.
What is everyone else doing when there is a break in, fire, water leak when you are not at home? Notifying is the prime function. I don’t care about turning on a light. I care about disasters.

This seems to be a great feature to have. Any luck with IOS?