Phone Alarm Setting for when alarm trips


Just curious if anyone has found a way to get an alarm notification to go off (like a 5 second siren) when there security alarm with smarththings is set off. That way you get more then the normal notification sound to make sure you pay close attention when your alarm trips. I know I can change the notification sound on phone, but I don’t want the siren sound when the non-alarm notifications go off.

If you are using Android you could use Tasker with Autonotification and select your own sound file for the notification.

I have my phone call me through IFTTT when the alarm goes off.

I use IFTT to call my phone when alarm goes off as well. I think you will be happy with that solution, delay between alarm triggering and my phone ringing is only a few seconds. It will even leave you a voicemail with message about alarm if you miss the call.

Sorry for the slow response, was busy with family issues. Trying to set up IFTTT, but there is no option for the alarm going off. It only gives me the options like contact open, contact close, motion detected ect. But it gives me no option for if alarm is triggered. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Bumping this up because I am also looking for a solution for a more prominent alarm when something is triggered in Smart Home Monitor. I am on iOS. Thanks.