Alarm decoder ad2usb

Hi Everyone

Looking for a simple way to connect my alarm to smarthings using the Alarm decoder AD2USB device. Everything I have read seem to be very complicated or requires the purchase of new hardware.

I am currently using vera and it integrates simply and reliably using a plugin. Please help a newbie since this is the only thing holding me back from switching completely. Thanks

What alarm system do you currently have? (This is to ensure AlarmDecoder would be compatible.)

If you get the AlarmDecoder AD2PI network appliance it would I believe include the Raspberry Pi you need however it seems to be out of stock. Otherwise you need to add a Raspberry Pi to your shopping list. I would advise you contact them directly to ensure you get what you need. If you do manage to get one of these from them it could then come pre-loaded with their software and save you doing a lot of the work.

If you want a simpler solution then a different approach is possible but only if you are only using wired sensors. (AlarmDecoder supports wireless sensors as well.)


Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. My alarm system is an Ademco Vista 10SE. The Alarm decoder product i have is the AD2serial and I am currently using it with my vera system. It integrates simply with vera using a plugin.

I purchased a new smarthings hub3 since it looks like vera hasn’t really improved their UI much over the last few years. The alarm setup is the only thing holding me back from converting over

Ah right I see. So you have an existing alarm panel, it is already working with Alarm Decoder and you therefore have both the Alarm Decoder hardware and software setup.

There is a relatively simple ‘plugin’ for smarthings, it would talk to a RaspberryPi running the AlarmDecoder server, the RaspberryPi would be connected to the AD2Serial adapter.

The Smartthings ‘plugin’ consists of a device handler and a smart app. They are available here

Along with instructions.

There also seems to be a similar alternative to use an Arduino or Thing shield instead of a Raspberry Pi.

It might also be possible to link the Smartthings hub and the Vera hub using MQTT and to ‘share’ the AlarmDecoder setup from the Vera to the Smartthings.

Thanks John,

really appreciate the input. I have not looked into linking both hubs together. Is this difficult to do? do you see any benefit?

I am computer literate but don’t have any experience in programming,

Thanks again for the help