Ad2USB -> Rasperry Pi -> Smartthings via TCP

I am migrating from an OS X Indigo setup, where I had my Vista 20P alarm system interfaced via a AD2USB which then connected to a Raspberry PI running ser2sock. It has worked flawlessly for 2+ years.

Now moving to Smartthings, I see that there is integration but am a bit confused as to the best approach. I’d rather not buy an arduino or new alarm interface. Is there an updated, well-working app that can connect to my existing Raspberry PI TCP setup running ser2sock? If not, is there another solution using the Raspberry pi that I can connect to over my local network?

Thanks for any guidance.

Direct integration is supposibly being worked on by the alarm decoder guys but no real timeframe of when it’s coming. Only option I know currently is the adruino. I am waiting impatiently for the new api integration but get the feeling it may be a while sadly.


Thanks for the information. Direct integration would be awesome…can anyone jump in and give an indication of when that might be complete?

I guess I’ll be picking up an Arduino to get this working in the short term.



You can read more about it here as a concept but no real information on dates - I am guessing it will be a while but i’d love to be wrong:

Hey - one of the alarmdecoder engineers/developers here. We’re just about finalized with the new image and REST API - this is the last barrier before we can really dive deep into the smart things stuff. Once we actually get rolling on it I don’t imagine it will take THAT long, but I can’t promise anything as we have a lot of projects going on. Just know that there will be an officially supported binding.

Other projects? What projects could possibly be more important than Smartthings integrations? :smiley:

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Well, we just had a major thing happen with z-wave so something interesting there - but that does not mean we are diverting resources away from smartthings. We’re just a small shop is all.

@kevin_nutech, just kidding. You’ve been very helpful to me, and it has been much appreciated. As a community, we are just so excited about any impending good news from your team!

To everyone else, I purchased and installed last week the AD web appliance (the one that requires no assembly or programming) with no issues! My alarm company was happy to walk me through button presses to configure my Honeywell Vista 20 system. Total install time was less than 20 minutes.

Thanks for the update, Kevin. We can’t wait to see the integration.


Just a small update from the nu tech side of things. We’ve officially released our REST API in our AlarmDecoder WebApp, you can find documentation here:

That said, we’re close to releasing some ST stuff that integrates with the API - let’s just say we were able to turn a light on and off by triggering a zone…

Official support for SmartThings using our WebApp REST API, no longer need arduino etc. Hooray!

Awesome! - I have been waiting and you guys came through nicely - off to install!

Looking good so far - got things talking properly and can see zone faults and can arm/disarm.

Only issue I see so far is when I trip a zone the corresponding switch I setup does not seem to change state. Not sure if there is more I need to do. I edited switch#8 and put in a 5 for example for zone 5 but state never changes. I do see a “5” in the red circle showing the fault.

This is great news…so I own an AD2USB which I used with my old Indigo setup. The USB ran to a raspberry pi (as my computer is two floors away from my alarm panel). Is there a way to use this device handler with my current setup, or do I need to get a new product?

Thank you.


Should work just fine. I use an ad2usb with a pi also for this. It’s all network based just need to have the latest versions of the alarmdecoder software.