After update, smart home monitor won't load

(Bryan French) #1

Just what title says. I just get the spinning blue circle.

I can’t arm/disarm my system.

Using android / nexus 6p

(Greg) #2

I’m having the same issue on android. The status shows fine on the dashboard but if you click on it, it just spins.

It works fine on iOS though.

(Bryan French) #3

Good to know it’s not just me

(Dave Lehmer) #4

FWIW, I just got finished chatting with support, they know this is going on, and it’s obviously on their end.

(Bryan French) #5

Thanks for relaying that!

(Toby Cth3) #6

Nice of them to post something on the all important status page. @slagle can we get a little heads up on known issues? PLEEEEEEASE.

(Bryan French) #7

Looks to be resolved now.

(Greg) #8

not for me

EDIT - resolved