After a year of use, still a disappointment

Dear SamtThings staff,

After using the SmartThings hub for almost a year, I am disappointed. It fails, about 10%-20% of the times to execute basic tasks like: turn on the lights after the sunset. When I brought, I read here on the forum a few complains about the stability and reliability of the platform, but I thought it would be fixed over time. I guess I was wrong. Today, my lights failed to turn on, again. And yes, I have already reseted everything more than once.

What really scares me are all those ads and announcements you guys are making about how you can use SmartThings for security proposes, while it fails to do one of the most basic things it was build to do.

But in the end, as this is a Samsung device, I think I should be happy it didn’t explode :slight_smile:


Lucky for SmartThings home break-ins are not as common as failing to turn on a lamp but someday someones going to post on how they came home only to find their home empty and the only thing the robbers left behind was the SmartThings hub.

I’ve had it over a year and I couldn’t be happier. To each his own, I guess.

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Do you also experience 10-20% failure rate?

“To each his own” would seem to say so. If so, you’re happy with that?

I have issues when SmartThings has issues, but I can’t control that and I don’t let it bother me. I still thoroughly enjoy the product.


Would 80% failure rate be okay with you? I mean, if you couldn’t control it…

It’s not ok with me.


That’s double what Colin Powell states. 40% is the goal. But seriously I see about a 5% I don’t count custom handlers as that could not be Smartthings but the handler.

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True. I think sometimes there are context clues that help with that.

Schedule issues the last few days… smartthings.

Lost State… smartthings.

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True on that also.but they say it’s fixed. Until tomorrow or next day.

I’ve had problems almost every day since the update on the 15th August.
Before the update I’d been pleased with Smartthings, but since then, it’s been one failure after another.
Most, but not all of the problems have been with my Philips Hue’s.
I can’t blame the Hues because they work perfectly until I add the Smartthings hub.
I use only Samsung branded and supposedly supported devices and I’m very disappointed.

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We experienced a super-headache over the past 10ish days as we hit an instability patch. Our smart (and good looking => im looking at you @vlad ) engineers hunkered down and resolved the issues. Here’s an overview and we are adding more alerts, etc. to mitigate future occurrences.

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I’m disappointed too. When it works, it works great. When it fails, it does so spectacularly.

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