Aeotech Smart Switch Gen 5

New here - trying to pair some of my previous devices - smarthingshub doent find my Aeotech at all - but i can see in the post link below it should work (with some tweaks). Any advice?

The plug will be seen by the SmartThings(ST) hub only if the hub is in including/pairing mode and the plug switch is also in including/pairing mode.

To achieve this, those are the steps:

  1. Reset your Aeotech Smart Switch:
    Press and hold the Action Button for 20 seconds
    The LED on the Smart Switch Gen5 will blink faster and faster
    When 20 seconds elapses, the LED will become solid for 2 seconds. You may let go of the Smart Switch Gen5 button.
    The LED will continue to blink slowly to indicate that it is ready to pair to a new network. Remove the plug, wait 3sec, insert it back.
  2. Add ST in pairing mode by clicking on My Home > + (top right icon)
  3. Press the Action Button on your Aeotech plug switch.
    If your switch has been successfully linked to your network, its LED will no longer blink. If linking was unsuccessful, the LED will continue to blink.

After pairing in ST, login on the ST panel with an internet browser, go to > My devices > locate your Aeotech device > click on it > Edit > from Type change it as Z-Wave Metering Switch > Update. You’re done.